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Our Happy Clients

Alhaja Boluwatife Alatasuesue, a resilient food seller in Lagos, Nigeria, shares her tale of triumph with the Koolboks freezer, a beacon of hope amidst the unreliable electricity plaguing her area. With its reliable cooling power, the Koolboks freezer has become her ally in the fight against food wastage, preserving her perishable goods and ensuring they remain fresh despite the challenges of constant power outages. 

When a sudden power outage threatened Adeola Mojidi's FanMilk stock, the Koolboks freezer became his saving grace. With its steadfast chill, it defied odds and prevented a potential meltdown of profits. Adeola emerged victorious, serving up cool treats to his relieved vendors, all thanks to the resilience of the Koolboks freezer.

Mrs. Osuntolu Aderonke, a frozen foods seller in Badagry, shares her success story with the Koolboks freezer. Despite constant power challenges, this reliable freezer has drastically reduced food spoilage, ensuring her products stay fresh and her customers satisfied.

Thessy Kanu, affectionately known as Mummy Debby, shares her delight with the Koolboks freezer. As a dedicated food vendor, she relies on its steadfast performance to combat electricity issues and minimize food wastage.

Thanks to the Koolboks freezer, Mummy Debby's offerings remain fresh, allowing her to serve her customers with confidence and satisfaction.

Alhaja Arinola Ibrahim, a seasoned entrepreneur, lauds the Koolboks freezer for its reliability. Facing electricity challenges, she hails Koolboks freezer ability to preserve perishable goods, ensuring minimal food wastage. Also, Alhaja Ibrahim praises the convenience of payment in instalments, token generation, and the PAYGO system, which have made acquiring the Koolboks freezer hassle-free and accessible to entrepreneurs like herself.

Alhaja Adennoye Titilayo, a dedicated food seller, shares her satisfaction with the Koolboks freezer. Despite facing frequent power disruptions, she praises its reliability in preserving her food items and reducing wastage.

Less Spending! More Kooling!

At just ₦25,000/Month, experience the convenience and sustainability of our solar-powered freezers. With a variety of sizes and designs to choose from, you can find the perfect freezer to meet your needs.

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