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The GIZ SAIS Journey: A Blend of Wisdom, Wheels, and Well-being

In the bustling world of startups, where everyone talks numbers, structure, and funding, the GIZ SAIS program shines like a shooting star.

Beyond the typical discussions of business plans and investments, this program brings a unique and invaluable element to the table – empathy. It's a quality that has often been overlooked in the fast-paced startup ecosystem, but the GIZ SAIS managers have made it their defining feature.

These aren't just managers; they're great individuals of understanding, capable of weaving the delicate threads of a CEO's well-being into the very fabric of organizational success. They understand that in the chaos of entrepreneurial pursuits, the human element cannot be sacrificed.

At the beginning of our journey, we were admittedly blinded by the allure of funds. We adhered to the 'Funds over Technical Assistance' philosophy, convinced that we could figure out the technical aspects ourselves once we had the financial backing. It's a debate that has echoed throughout Africa's startup ecosystem for years. However, our experience with GIZ SAIS shattered this misconception. We quickly realized that having funds without the right technical support is akin to having fuel without a vehicle to drive.

The GIZ SAIS team has been our guiding light, fortifying our infrastructure, and equipping us for the grand scale we envision. They've imparted skills that were previously beyond our reach, offering technical assistance that is second to none. Their commitment is an unwavering lighthouse, a testament to the significant resources they've invested in our success.

The members of this outstanding accelerator program stood with the Koolboks CEO , Ayoola Dominic,at his father's memorial service and traversed mountains and valleys, ensuring every business deal goes through, whether by water or wheels, even in the most remote corners of the world. They not only understand the profound significance of well-being but actively integrate it into their support system.

Koolboks extends its heartfelt appreciation to the extraordinary GIZ team. It's impossible not to wonder whether it's the food in their office kitchen or perhaps their unique recruitment process that imbues this team with such remarkable kindness. Regardless of the secret behind their magic, we are immensely grateful for them being the wind beneath our wings on this exhilarating journey.

Special thanks are due to individuals like Luca, Caspar, Torsten, Senta, and the entire SAIS team. You all are not just team members; you are rockstars who have made our entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

In conclusion, the GIZ SAIS program stands as a shining example of how empathy, technical assistance, and funding can come together to nurture startups into thriving businesses. Their commitment to the well-being of entrepreneurs is a testament to the positive impact such support can have on the startup ecosystem. As we continue on our entrepreneurial journey, we are eternally grateful for the guidance, wisdom, and unwavering support provided by the GIZ SAIS program – a program where wisdom, wheels, and well-being truly unite for success.

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