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Koolboks' Top Performing Business Units for June 2024

Dear Koolboks Community,

We are thrilled to announce and celebrate the exceptional performance of our top three business units for June 2024.

This month, the Challenge Business Unit, Ifo Business Unit, and Real Multiplication Business Unit have demonstrated outstanding commitment, innovative strategies, and exemplary teamwork.

Join us as we delve into the insights shared by the leaders of these units, highlighting their remarkable achievements and the factors that contributed to their success.

1. Challenge Business Unit - Led by Ayokunnu Ogunwuyi

Ayokunnu Ogunwuyi, the head of the Challenge Business Unit, describes her role as multifaceted, encompassing sales, instalment payment collections, and product maintenance. Her leadership ensures every aspect of the unit runs smoothly.

Ayokunnu attributes their success to clear goal setting, resource availability, and strong team encouragement. Weekly progress meetings and effective communication were pivotal. Special mention goes to CCO Abiola Ajibaye for keeping the team on track with their goals.

Ayokunnu's leadership style emphasizes open communication and team spirit. She motivates her team by ensuring they have everything to keep their operation seamless, from providing transportation fares to ensuring availability necessary gadgets needed.

The team includes:

  • Ajibaye Abiola: Credit Collection Officer, ensuring timely installment payments.

  • Anthony Naricah: Maintenance Consultant, handling maintenance reports and coordinating with Adebisi Clement.

  • Adebisi Clement: Maintenance Officer, addressing product issues.

  • Chikaduba John: Telesales Officer, converting leads into sales.

The success this team experience can be traced to their prompt approach to customer needs and complaints. This unit prioritizes immediate maintenance to ensure product functionality because this is crucial for consistent cash inflow from PAYG customers.

They also streamlined recovery collections to daily, weekly, and monthly cycles, with proactive client reminders to ensure timely payments.

2. Ifo Business Unit - Led by Olawole Babawale

Introduction: Olawole Babawale, head of the Ifo Business Unit, focuses on maximizing profit through coordinated sales efforts and effective customer relations management.

Overall Performance: Key factors for their success included readiness, product awareness, and a balanced approach to incentives and punishments. Continuous learning and adapting were also crucial.

Leadership and Team Dynamics: Olawole drove his team with unique approaches like interchanging customer contacts among agents and making prompt client visits. Regular online meetings helped resolve client and individual issues efficiently.

Incentives and Recognition: The unit received incentives for June, which Olawole plans to share with his team. He also intends to invest in tools that enhance fieldwork efficiency, promising further motivation and success.

3. Real Multiplication Business Unit - Led by Adedamola Adeshina

Introduction: Adedamola Adeshina, the head of the Real Multiplication Business Unit, oversees processes for efficiency and maintains strong client relationships.

Overall Performance: Adedamola believes good communication and regular customer visits were key to their solid recovery performance and low par%.

Leadership and Team Dynamics: Regular meetings and clear guidance ensured consistent efforts from the team. Adedamola's leadership focused on building strong customer relationships and maintaining high standards of service.

Challenges and Solutions: The main challenges were delays in product availability and insufficient components for engineers. Adedamola highlighted the need for adequate components and timely product availability to enhance efficiency.

Incentives and Recognition: The team received incentives, which were met with happiness and increased motivation among team members. Adedamola plans to use the incentives to further support and motivate his team.

Congratulations to the Challenge, Ifo, and Real Multiplication Business Units for their stellar performance in June 2024. Their dedication, strategic approaches, and teamwork are an inspiration to all. We look forward to seeing more incredible achievements in the coming months.

Stay tuned for more updates and success stories in our next newsletter.

Best regards,

The Koolboks Team

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Olowoyo Olamide
Olowoyo Olamide
a day ago

amazing, great job


Jul 08

Well done Kool Team 😀

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