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From Hustle to Hero: Ade's Hilarious Rise to School Stardom

Updated: Jun 19

So, at 16, I was your typical Naija hustler, juggling school and chores and helping my mum, the legendary Mama Ibeji, with her fish-selling business. Life was tough – full of “up NEPA” moments and the never-ending Lagos heat. While other kids dreamt of becoming doctors or engineers, my goal was simple: survive high school without too much yawa. Little did I know, destiny had a wild surprise in store for me.

It all started one scorching afternoon when Mama Ibeji, fed up with seeing her precious fish turn into waste because of NEPA wahala, made a bold move – she bought a Koolboks freezer. For those who don’t know, Koolboks is a solar-powered fridge that seemed straight out of a Nollywood sci-fi flick. I was sceptical, thinking, "Na wa o, this kain thing for Naija?" But desperate times call for desperate measures, and Mama Ibeji was not here to play.

Life took a dramatic turn with the Koolboks set up in our humble abode. No more rotten fish, no more sweating over blackouts. Everything stayed cool and fresh, and I was stunned. But the real magic? That was just the beginning.

News of Mama Ibeji’s super-fresh fish spread faster than a Twitter trend. Before long, our house became the local hot spot. Classmates who wouldn’t even look my way before were now flocking to our doorstep, all eager to taste the freshest fish in town. Just like that, I went from being the quiet, low-key kid to the most popular guy in school. Turns out, being cool wasn’t about rocking the latest sneakers or having the flashiest phone – it was about having something everybody wanted.

My journey to fame was packed with pure comedy. Imagine the once-quiet boy (that’s me) accidentally spilling fish guts on the school bully, who then becomes my biggest fan. Or the legendary fish-themed prom after-party that had everyone talking for months. My life turned into a series of fish deliveries, impromptu parties, and laugh-out-loud moments that could give Nollywood a run for its money.

Despite all the madness, I never lost sight of my roots. I stayed humble, always remembering the hustle and struggle my mom and I had gone through. The Koolboks gave us a chance, but it was my humour and resilience that truly transformed our lives.

On my high school graduation day, I stood on the stage, looking out at a sea of familiar faces. I couldn’t help but grin, thinking about how far I had come – from the boy selling fish to the coolest kid in school – all thanks to a bit of humour, grit, and one very Kool refrigerator.

So, my friend, remember my story next time life throws you a curveball. You, too, can turn your story into a legendary adventure with a sprinkle of humour, a dash of resilience, and maybe a cool gadget or two. After all, in this life, na small small we dey take grow big

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