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Discovering the Engine Room: Tele Sales Team’s Exciting Assembly Tour

Updated: Jun 27

Dear Koolboks Community,

We're excited to share some behind-the-scenes highlights from our recent warehouse visit at Igando! As part of our ongoing commitment to excellence, our Telesales department and our new team members embarked on a comprehensive onboarding journey.

Opeyemi, our Head of Sales, emphasized the importance of this visit in enhancing product knowledge and operational awareness among our growing team.

"This visit is a crucial part of our training guide," Opeyemi explained. "It ensures that our sales team is well informed and equipped to confidently address any client queries, ultimately enhancing the quality of our service."

During the visit, our team focused on four key learning areas:

  1. Warehouse Location: Understanding the logistics hub at Igando ensures efficient operations and swift customer support.

  2. Product Knowledge and Awareness: It is especially crucial for our new team members to gain insights into our solar-powered refrigerators and their benefits.

  3. Warehouse Operations: Learning the mode of operations ensures smooth coordination between sales and logistics.

  4. Building Relationships: Getting acquainted with our engineering staff fosters teamwork and readiness to tackle any technical queries.

"We believe that investing in comprehensive training like this not only boosts our team's confidence but also aligns with our commitment to delivering exceptional service," Opeyemi added.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and empower communities through sustainable refrigeration solutions.

Warm regards,

Koolboks Team

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