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From Paris to the Land of Innovation: Deborah's Koolboks Chinese Adventure

Updated: Jun 18

Hey Koolboks Family!

Ready for some juicy gist? Our very own Deborah Gael (COO) and our CEO, Mr Ayoola Dominic recently returned from an epic trip to China, and we've got all the inside scoop. Buckle up for a fun ride through the land of innovation as Deborah shares this hot gist!

Behind the Scenes: The Koolboks Manufacturing Magic

In April 2024, Deborah and Ayoola jetted off to China to meet the wizards behind our amazing Koolboks products. They toured five top-notch factories producing our batteries, solar panels, freezers, and ice makers. Deborah said, "We were blown away by the quality, efficiency, and excellence on display."

Picture this: a massive factory so organized that thousands of workers move like ninjas quietly and efficiently. Impressive, right?

Spying New Innovations at the Canton Fair

This dynamic duo also hit up the Canton Fair in Quanzhou – think of it as the Coachella of trade fairs. They scouted the latest tech, discovering cool new solar panels and batteries. Deborah shared, "We plan to build partnerships with these new manufacturers." Get ready for Koolboks products with even more cutting-edge features!

Exciting Upgrades Ahead

Hold onto your hats, because big upgrades are coming! Deborah revealed, "We plan to enhance every component of our products." Expect cooler doors, sturdier handles, and an upgraded PAYG device, all without raising prices. Koolboks is leveling up, and you’re going to love it!

China: A Revelation

China left Deborah in awe. Forget what you’ve heard – China is ultra-modern, super safe, and full of friendly folks. Deborah said, "China is way ahead of Europe and America in terms of infrastructure and innovations." Electric cars zip around everywhere, and the food? Fresh, tasty, and dirt cheap. Deborah felt safer there than anywhere else. China, you’ve got a new superfan!

Looking Ahead: Assembly Plant in Nigeria

Inspired by her trip, Deborah is planning to set up an assembly plant in Nigeria with Mr. Ayoola Dominic. And guess what? Our Chinese partners will train our local staff to ensure we match their top-tier quality. This is huge for Koolboks and a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Transparency and Trust

At Koolboks, we’re all about keeping it real. "For stakeholders, we have no choice; we have to be transparent," Deborah emphasized. This goes for our team and manufacturing partners, too. Our engineers are already in touch with the Chinese factories, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Cultural Insights: Respect and Professionalism

One big takeaway for Deborah was the Chinese's deep respect for different cultures. "They are very nice and professional in the way they conduct business," she shared. This vibe aligns perfectly with Koolboks’ values, and we’re excited to incorporate these practices.

Stay tuned for more updates and some fantastic pics from Deborah’s trip. Until next time, stay cool with Koolboks!

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