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Naija No Dey Carry Last

Imagine a Nigeria where every child has access to quality education and uninterrupted power supply. A Nigeria where businesses can thrive without worrying about power cuts. The potential is limitless. 

People say England vs. Switzerland; in Nigeria, we say Bukayo vs. Akanji. Bukayo Saka, dazzling for England, and Manuel Akanji, rock-solid for Switzerland—both have Nigerian roots. These stars shine on Europe’s biggest football stages, reminding us of the immense talent that Nigeria produces.

Nigerians are no strangers to adversity. Many study under lantern light due to frequent power outages but still make it to prestigious institutions like Harvard. Our resilience is unmatched.

From tech innovators to world-class athletes, Nigerians are making waves globally. 

Imagine a Nigeria where these successes are the norm, not the exception. With better infrastructure and support, there’s no stopping us. Naija no dey carry last! From the football fields of Europe to the tech hubs of Silicon Valley, from the music stages of the world to the boardrooms of global companies, Nigerians are proving that they are second to none.

The world is ours for the taking. Who talk say we no fit? We go shock them! -Yes ooooo 🙂

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